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IOS-Webinar 3: Bringing it all together with Q/A

IOS-Webinar 3: Bringing it all together with Q/A

March 20, 2020

PS! We are sorry to say that the event we are referring to in this webinar was canceled due to the recent pandemic, but we hope to set up a new one very soon. If you're interested in the event or have any questions or want to get involved with the IOS collective, please send an email to 

In our final webinar in our webinar series with the IOS collective, it's all about the participants. We want to highlight the simplicity of the change all of us can do
both inside ourselves and in relation to the world. We got some great questions regarding addictions, what's needed to get started helping people, the fears we are up against,
and sharing experiences working in schools, prisons, and communities. 

We hope after these 3 webinars you are closer to see our common humanity and connection, and how seeing more of that is the key to be helping facilitate change
anywhere, anytime with anyone. 

Thank you so much for your participation. 

One Solution
The IOS Collective. 

IOS-Webinar 2: Stories of transformation

IOS-Webinar 2: Stories of transformation

March 19, 2020

This is the second webinar in the 3 part series on Collective Community Change we did with the IOS Collective.

In this webinar we dove deeper into the stories of change we've seen in our work, and how those stories can be scaled and happen to anyone. 
We firmly believe that change is something that is possible for everyone, and that a new thought and a new life is just around the corner. We've seen that no matter
the circumstance, backround, situation or past experiences, we can all shift. And what we're looking for is already inside of us, it's not something we have to manufacture. 
As with these webinars you will hear a wide range of stories, but we invite you too see beyond the personal and find what is universal and true for everyone. 

See you on the next one!


One Solution Team and the IOS Collective. 

IOS-Webinar1: How change can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.

IOS-Webinar1: How change can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.

March 18, 2020
This webinar-series was co-hosted by the IOS COLLECTIVE, a collective consisting of One Solution, Insight Alliance and The Spark Initiative

This is the first recording of a 3 part webinar series, where we had a fresh look at how we can create impact and change in areas and circumstances that seem hard or stuck. Each webinar had it's, and we shared our experience and insights working on creating grassroots community change, rethinking criminal justice, and a new fresh look at uncovering resilience in the educational system.

In this webinar we have a look at why looking at the mind and our innate resilience is the key to sustainable change. You will here from previously incarcerated men, youth from south-side Chicago, and people with experience working foster care system, criminal justice. schools, family programs, business and grassroots movements. 

We hope you enjoy. 

The One Solution Team and the IOS collective. 

Ayanna and Garret talk about the mind and music

Ayanna and Garret talk about the mind and music

May 4, 2019

This is a recording of a conversation between Mara, Eirik, Ayanna and Garret.

Ayanna and Garret are two very wise Chicago youth, that's involved in Rebels for Peace, as well as their own initiatives in trying to make change. In this podcast you hear what they've seen about their own potential to make change, how they use their mind, and how they want to inspire others to do the same. You hear how growing up in Chicago South Side has a lot of temptation where the mind could go in the violent direction, but also how they were able to stay on a more positive path. They also share their inspirations, ranging from their parents and mentors to artists that use their platform to convey a positive message. Garret even does a live performance for us, sharing powerful words of wisdom through music.

PS! The audio from this one is not optimal, but we hope you can hear through it and you enjoy. Just put your headset on and enjoy :) 

Real World Examples of Change webinar

Real World Examples of Change webinar

April 18, 2019

This is the third and final webinar-recording from Accelerating Change and this one is called “Real World Examples of change". We’ll share snippets from conversations with four of our colleagues and partners who are working on the ground in the fields of

- grassroots and community change
- organizational change
- systemic change
- Global change

Tis webinar will answer the question, how does an understanding of the mind translate to actual change on the ground? And what can you do yourself to make the change you want to do? 

To get an in depth look at this you can join our online course here:


Any Problem on Any Scale webinar

Any Problem on Any Scale webinar

April 16, 2019

In the second webinar of this series from Accelerating Change, we explored the topic Any Problem on Any Scale. We explore how no matter the scale, the source of change is the same: If we work from the human dimension and from the perspective our mind and our interconnectedness, all change becomes easier. If we ignore our minds, everything becomes harder. The mind is the thing that softens change, and the good news is, it doesn't matter how BIG the problem seems. We will explore this phenomenon all the way from the personal to the global!

You can listen to this podcast or watch the videoversion on youtube. If you want to go in depth in this subject, you can join our online course here:

The next recording will give you some real life examples, of what we discussed in this webinar, so we hope you look forward to that!

The One Solution Team 

The Mind and the world Webinar

The Mind and the world Webinar

April 15, 2019

This is the audio recording of a webinar series about Accelerating Change.
In the first recording of of this 3-part series, we explored the topic The Human Mind and the World, which is what our first module of
Accelerating Change is all about.

You can get a sense of it by listening the recording of the webinar, or take a much deeper dive in the full online course, which has 7 separate video lessons that explore:

  • The mind is the source of the state of the world (not a symptom of it),
  • All humans construct their own unique version of reality
  • Beyond our differences, we are all one
  • Resilience is innate to all life, and
  • We can't escape the fact that we all have unique minds, but we can understand it.  Understanding the mind is the key to making change in the world.

    The link to the online course is:

Looking for the spark within YOUTH!

Looking for the spark within YOUTH!

January 31, 2019

It's time for another conversation about the power of the mind and built in resilience within all of us. And this time we are co-hosting the podcast with the Spark Initiative, an awesome organization we are partnering with that works with youth and schools. This episode is a 4 way discussion about what it takes to empower youth from the INSIDE. 

Here are some of the themes we touch upon in this Podcast. 
- Nobody is broken
- The power of actually caring
- Realizing our own inner resources to create change
- How to stay solid in the face of adversity
- Staying hopeful when working in difficult circumstances
- Cultivating the spark within the coming generations
- How we already KNOW how to live (hear a bunch of examples from kids)
- How some things that looks wrong is actually wise. 

About the Spark Initiative
The Spark initiative is a non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate human potential and resilience through an understanding of the mind. They support their community through education, mentoring and coaching.

From labeled biologically depressed to being mentally free.

From labeled biologically depressed to being mentally free.

January 28, 2019

Recording this podcast really made an impact on us. It's the story of a teenager that had her life and reality turned upside down, when she met Anna Debenham from Insight Alliance. 

She was told she had Biologic Depression and needed to be on a cocktail of medicines, with no hope for any change occurring. But as soon as she sat down and heard about the fact that she is not broken, and that it was just her mind playing tricks on her, everything changed. We're not going to spoil it any further, and just invite you to listen for yourself. 

About The Insight Alliance:

One Solution co-founded a Collective with the Insight Alliance and The Spark Initiative, to join forces in our quest to look at the mind and our innate resilience as the route to change. 

The Insight Alliance focuses Primarily on work in prisons.

The Insight Alliance uncovers the natural resilience and innate mental health all human beings already have inside them. It teaches a simple understanding of how our feelings, experience and state of mind works; an understanding that enables people to thrive in any circumstances. 

Prospective outcomes of programs include a decrease in stress and depression; improved relationships, increased feelings of connection and trust, reduced levels of obsessive and judgmental thinking; increased desire to access education/jobs; a decrease in the probability of recidivism and/ or relapse and generally feeling more of their natural wellbeing.

The ultimate source of change - KEYNOTE from the evolve conference

The ultimate source of change - KEYNOTE from the evolve conference

November 24, 2018

We are very excited to present to you a keynote that was done earlier this year with Stephanie Fox. It was from the Evolve conference, and the title of the keynote was:

The ultimate source of societal, cultural, and environmental change: 
The human mind.

In this recording, Stephanie will talk about:
- How the mind creates everything from chairs to wars.
- How an animation is trying to show kids where their experience is coming from
- What is behind all the different systems we live in now, were they here before?
*Hint: No, humans made them up, and we can make something new up.
- What is at the crux of trying to create any kind of peace between people in conflict? (Using examples from her work from Middle East)

You can read more about the conference itself here: