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Olympic athletes, Social Impact and Healing our planet with Andrew Moss

Olympic athletes, Social Impact and Healing our planet with Andrew Moss

May 24, 2021

In this episode, we talk with Andrew Moss and his story from being a kid that liked to bring people together to later making that his career. This sounds like a simple and linear path, but like most stories, it's more about the challenges we faced, and the insights we had on the way that's important. And Andrew's life and career is example of that. His inspiration to unlock the dormant potential we all have inside with his clients came from struggling with not seeing his own. His ability to really see someone for who they are coming from experiencing how it was to truly be seen by his own coach and mentor. His focus on helping others came from realizing and looking honestly at how much he was thinking about himself. Join us in exploring the link between Olympic athletes, social impact leaders, rethinking the student experience and potential, and healing our planet! We hope you find Andrew as inspiring as we do!!

Here's a favorite quote from the podcast:
"We need to connect people from all diverse sets of backgrounds and human experiences into a conversation about what the human experience is all about. What it's been for them, and what it's been for everybody else because THAT'S what is going to bring humanity back together and heal the planet - understanding that we're all the same."

We explore topics like:
How to bring the best out of people. 
Uncovering what you have inside instead of teaching information
Unlocking what we are not seeing that stops us from being who we are
The link between Olympic athletes and doing good in the world.
Going beyond doing what you're supposed to do, and finding what really matters to you
Going from trying to "be someone" to listen to your internal wisdom.
How even his body transformed from letting go of stress and pressure. 
Seeing neutrally what we are creating in our life, without judging it. 
And much more!

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More about Andrew:
My professional career has provided many unique experiences, all of which my clients benefit from. I chose to be a coach from the very start of my career and have never looked back. For the first two decades, I was in the high-performance sports world starting out as a coach working with elite athletes including Olympic and World Champions and from there I moved into roles coaching other coaches and talent development experts across a range of Olympic sports.

In 2016 I attended a performance conference in New York City and heard top talent experts from many different contexts, business, arts, education, medicine, and sport, all speaking on the same topic and I realized that my gift for helping athletes see something new in themselves was applicable to any group of people with ambition, work ethic and a desire to realize their own most inspiring dreams.

That insight led me to begin my current efforts in private coaching where I work with talented and driven people with big dreams and a feeling of frustration about the state of the world, and determination to do something about it.

Personally, I am a father to four daughters and have learned so much from them; I’m passionate about social issues, especially those of Indigenous people in Canada. In 2019, I spent two and half weeks hiking over 600km across northern Canada in memory of the death of a young indigenous boy in the 1960’s who was trying to escape from a residential school and return to his family. I wrote a post about this experience here. I’m also an avid sailor and skier and love to be in nature - you can catch my morning sunrise walks on my Instagram

Save our birds, conserve our nature and transform the world - with Alf Pille

Save our birds, conserve our nature and transform the world - with Alf Pille

March 16, 2021

We are BACK! In this podcast you get to meet Alf Pille, the CEO of the nature conservation non profit “Bavarian Society for the protection of birds”. It’s a 111 years old NGO with over 100.000 supporters, and in this podcast, we explore the evolution of the organization, of Alf as a leader as well as the evolution of mankind!

In this podcast we explore

  • The relationship between nature conservation and company culture.
  • How the states of our minds affect the state of our organizations and therefore our impact. (including creating room for people to be themselves, whether that's happy or sad)
  • How to think about time and pace of change by observing nature.
  • Caring about the world without burning out.
  • The power of realizing we are part of nature in environments of science and measurement.
  • The most important thing to focus on when running a nonprofit or any organization.

We hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we do!

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Change in the Unknown Part 1 with Dajohn White

Change in the Unknown Part 1 with Dajohn White

June 8, 2020

This interview series is the audio version of the One Solution Deep Dive series, where we explored how to create change in the unknown. It was originally a 4-hour long conversation with different guests, and this podcast series will highlight each interview one at a time. 

This first interview is with Dajohn White, Co-founder and CEO of the Rebels for Peace. 

If you wish to be part of these interviews LIVE, make sure you subscribe on youtube and Facebook, or newsletter. 

The Rebels for Peace and Brian Gleason

The Rebels for Peace and Brian Gleason

June 2, 2020

In today's episode, we have a beautiful conversation between Dajohn White and Prince Jimmar from the Rebels for Peace in Chicago and Brian Gleason, an LA-based therapist who's been working with youth for over 20 years. We're excited about this one, as it is really candid conversation between people from different backgrounds, ages, and upbringing that discussed our common humanity, connection, and resilience. It shows how we can connect in both joy and in struggle. 

Brian brings his own beautiful and personal story of learning how to accept himself fully and how the struggles he had as a young kid was what later drew him to working with young people and supporting them - and in the end making it his lifes work. The Rebels for Peace share from their perspective of growing up as a young person in South-side Chicago and how that experience inspired them to now be leaders of youth. We love how these seemingly different people can have the same story and the metaphor that can be for mending a divided society. 

IOS-Webinar 3: Bringing it all together with Q/A

IOS-Webinar 3: Bringing it all together with Q/A

March 20, 2020

PS! We are sorry to say that the event we are referring to in this webinar was canceled due to the recent pandemic, but we hope to set up a new one very soon. If you're interested in the event or have any questions or want to get involved with the IOS collective, please send an email to 

In our final webinar in our webinar series with the IOS collective, it's all about the participants. We want to highlight the simplicity of the change all of us can do
both inside ourselves and in relation to the world. We got some great questions regarding addictions, what's needed to get started helping people, the fears we are up against,
and sharing experiences working in schools, prisons, and communities. 

We hope after these 3 webinars you are closer to see our common humanity and connection, and how seeing more of that is the key to be helping facilitate change
anywhere, anytime with anyone. 

Thank you so much for your participation. 

One Solution
The IOS Collective. 

IOS-Webinar 2: Stories of transformation

IOS-Webinar 2: Stories of transformation

March 19, 2020

This is the second webinar in the 3 part series on Collective Community Change we did with the IOS Collective.

In this webinar we dove deeper into the stories of change we've seen in our work, and how those stories can be scaled and happen to anyone. 
We firmly believe that change is something that is possible for everyone, and that a new thought and a new life is just around the corner. We've seen that no matter
the circumstance, backround, situation or past experiences, we can all shift. And what we're looking for is already inside of us, it's not something we have to manufacture. 
As with these webinars you will hear a wide range of stories, but we invite you too see beyond the personal and find what is universal and true for everyone. 

See you on the next one!


One Solution Team and the IOS Collective. 

IOS-Webinar1: How change can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.

IOS-Webinar1: How change can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.

March 18, 2020
This webinar-series was co-hosted by the IOS COLLECTIVE, a collective consisting of One Solution, Insight Alliance and The Spark Initiative

This is the first recording of a 3 part webinar series, where we had a fresh look at how we can create impact and change in areas and circumstances that seem hard or stuck. Each webinar had it's, and we shared our experience and insights working on creating grassroots community change, rethinking criminal justice, and a new fresh look at uncovering resilience in the educational system.

In this webinar we have a look at why looking at the mind and our innate resilience is the key to sustainable change. You will here from previously incarcerated men, youth from south-side Chicago, and people with experience working foster care system, criminal justice. schools, family programs, business and grassroots movements. 

We hope you enjoy. 

The One Solution Team and the IOS collective. 

Ayanna and Garret talk about the mind and music

Ayanna and Garret talk about the mind and music

May 4, 2019

This is a recording of a conversation between Mara, Eirik, Ayanna and Garret.

Ayanna and Garret are two very wise Chicago youth, that's involved in Rebels for Peace, as well as their own initiatives in trying to make change. In this podcast you hear what they've seen about their own potential to make change, how they use their mind, and how they want to inspire others to do the same. You hear how growing up in Chicago South Side has a lot of temptation where the mind could go in the violent direction, but also how they were able to stay on a more positive path. They also share their inspirations, ranging from their parents and mentors to artists that use their platform to convey a positive message. Garret even does a live performance for us, sharing powerful words of wisdom through music.

PS! The audio from this one is not optimal, but we hope you can hear through it and you enjoy. Just put your headset on and enjoy :) 

Real World Examples of Change webinar

Real World Examples of Change webinar

April 18, 2019

This is the third and final webinar-recording from Accelerating Change and this one is called “Real World Examples of change". We’ll share snippets from conversations with four of our colleagues and partners who are working on the ground in the fields of

- grassroots and community change
- organizational change
- systemic change
- Global change

Tis webinar will answer the question, how does an understanding of the mind translate to actual change on the ground? And what can you do yourself to make the change you want to do? 

To get an in depth look at this you can join our online course here:


Any Problem on Any Scale webinar

Any Problem on Any Scale webinar

April 16, 2019

In the second webinar of this series from Accelerating Change, we explored the topic Any Problem on Any Scale. We explore how no matter the scale, the source of change is the same: If we work from the human dimension and from the perspective our mind and our interconnectedness, all change becomes easier. If we ignore our minds, everything becomes harder. The mind is the thing that softens change, and the good news is, it doesn't matter how BIG the problem seems. We will explore this phenomenon all the way from the personal to the global!

You can listen to this podcast or watch the videoversion on youtube. If you want to go in depth in this subject, you can join our online course here:

The next recording will give you some real life examples, of what we discussed in this webinar, so we hope you look forward to that!

The One Solution Team 

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