One Solution Podcast

Ayanna and Garret talk about the mind and music

May 4, 2019

This is a recording of a conversation between Mara, Eirik, Ayanna and Garret.

Ayanna and Garret are two very wise Chicago youth, that's involved in Rebels for Peace, as well as their own initiatives in trying to make change. In this podcast you hear what they've seen about their own potential to make change, how they use their mind, and how they want to inspire others to do the same. You hear how growing up in Chicago South Side has a lot of temptation where the mind could go in the violent direction, but also how they were able to stay on a more positive path. They also share their inspirations, ranging from their parents and mentors to artists that use their platform to convey a positive message. Garret even does a live performance for us, sharing powerful words of wisdom through music.

PS! The audio from this one is not optimal, but we hope you can hear through it and you enjoy. Just put your headset on and enjoy :) 

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