One Solution Podcast

IOS-Webinar1: How change can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone.

March 18, 2020
This webinar-series was co-hosted by the IOS COLLECTIVE, a collective consisting of One Solution, Insight Alliance and The Spark Initiative

This is the first recording of a 3 part webinar series, where we had a fresh look at how we can create impact and change in areas and circumstances that seem hard or stuck. Each webinar had it's, and we shared our experience and insights working on creating grassroots community change, rethinking criminal justice, and a new fresh look at uncovering resilience in the educational system.

In this webinar we have a look at why looking at the mind and our innate resilience is the key to sustainable change. You will here from previously incarcerated men, youth from south-side Chicago, and people with experience working foster care system, criminal justice. schools, family programs, business and grassroots movements. 

We hope you enjoy. 

The One Solution Team and the IOS collective. 

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