One Solution Podcast

IOS-Webinar 2: Stories of transformation

March 19, 2020

This is the second webinar in the 3 part series on Collective Community Change we did with the IOS Collective.

In this webinar we dove deeper into the stories of change we've seen in our work, and how those stories can be scaled and happen to anyone. 
We firmly believe that change is something that is possible for everyone, and that a new thought and a new life is just around the corner. We've seen that no matter
the circumstance, backround, situation or past experiences, we can all shift. And what we're looking for is already inside of us, it's not something we have to manufacture. 
As with these webinars you will hear a wide range of stories, but we invite you too see beyond the personal and find what is universal and true for everyone. 

See you on the next one!


One Solution Team and the IOS Collective. 

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