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Interview: Overcoming addiction by realizing your mental health!

Interview: Overcoming addiction by realizing your mental health!

March 28, 2018

This is a the first interview we did with participants of the Farnum Center Program in Manchester NH. (To hear more about what this is about, listen to previous episode with Mara and Eirik) In this particular episode you hear from 4 of the clients who have gone through a period of learning about their own mind and their own innate resilience and health - and how that has helped them get sober and stay sober. We were so impressed by the wisdom these guys shared, and what they have learned and how they wanted to pay it forward and help other people struggling with Addiction. 

Hear them share both their personal stories, aswell as their hope for a better future for the world. We love how they shared that learning about their minds not only helps them with addiction but with a persons whole life. EVERYTHING gets better when we feel better. 


The cure to addiction and all other coping mechanisms

The cure to addiction and all other coping mechanisms

March 15, 2018

In this podcast, we(Eirik and Mara) are fresh of the boat at a 3 day visit at the Farnum center in Manchester,NH. Here is what they do:

The Farnum Center help people realize their own inner health by coming to an understanding that every human being has a healthy internal core that is fully accessible to them. Everyone has inner resiliency and the ability to bounce back and overcome adversity when we gain perspective of what gets in the way.

Their clients learn about your innate capacity for health, insight, and contentment. You will also learn how accessing a healthier perspective about your life will help you leave your past behind.

We will guide you through your journey from the day you enter our program until you are ready to leave. Working as a team, you will reclaim your life from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and become a happier and more positive person.

Now, if that doesn't already convey how awesome this center is, we can vouch that it is! In this episode you will hear us dissect some of the insights we gained around addiction, and how that plays into all other "symptoms" we see in the world right now.

What we find especially hopeful about their approach to helping people with addiction is:
- They look for the health and wisdom in the person, not for what's wrong. 
- They teach them about how their mind creates their world, and therefore how they can go beyond the situation and circumstance around them. 
- They teach them how the mind works in such a way that they don't get put off by bad feelings, and therefore don't need to do the drugs or alcohol to help them deal with it. They are able to deal with it internally, by not being afraid of their experience. 

We feel like this nuggets are HUMAN nuggets, that any human can see more about, and will help everyone in the world. If we all just saw more of those points, we would live in a different world. 

We hope you enjoy this first introepisode from the two of us - and as we mention the next ones from Farnum Center will be from the staff and clients themselves!!

Women could’t use credit cards! - A talk about thought and world change

Women could’t use credit cards! - A talk about thought and world change

February 15, 2018

This podcast is a throwback to the One Solution conference that was held in Oslo in may 2016. This is a short ted-style talk that Linda Pransky did, and we love it! She is a dear friend, collegeague and we love both the simplicity and profoundness she talks about how one person changes is the same way the whole world changes. 

About the talk:
Thought produces the apparent limitations of the mind, which are also the limitations of the world. There are deeper solutions within the mind that allow us to transcend these limitations. In this talk, Linda will discuss how an understanding of the nature of thought and our mind releases these resources into the world. Hear her make the connection between personal limitations, and global limitations, and how they are the same process! 

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The only solution to ending war - with Stephanie Fox

The only solution to ending war - with Stephanie Fox

February 12, 2018

Stephanie Fox is in the House! She is One Solutions awesome Middle-East director, aswell as the spearhead for our projects for youth! In this episode you will hear exactly why we the world is so blessed to have her working on how to end conflict, and how to educate a new generation of kids who know how their mind works. 

In this podcast you hear us talk about:
- Stephanies work in the UN in Palestine, and challenges she met while trying to help. 
- How she went from feeling hopeless about conflict resolution to hopeful. 
- What she feels is the ONLY thing we need to know to stop conflict at it's source. 
- How looking it the mind is easier and more sustainable than trying to fix problems. 
- How ending war might seem crazy, but do-able if you actually go to the source of the issue. 
- About creating a whole new generation that grow up know about their own innate wellbeing and where their experience is coming from
- About A Curious World, an animation dedicated to show kids where their feelings come from. 

And MUCH MORE! This one is packed with discussion on how to deal with real life global issues from a whole new perspective. 

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Fox has 14 years experience in international development and education with NGOs, the private sector, and the United Nations. In her five years with the UN in Gaza, she supported a humanitarian effort with a $100 million annual budget that provided education, health, social services, and housing to more than one million refugees. She developed and launched the UN’s first satellite channel in the Middle East, which is currently viewed by people from more than 20 countries in the region and is providing emergency education to millions of Syrian refugees.

As One Solution’s Middle East Director, Stephanie spearheads One Solution's regional work in sharing a new understanding of the mind with a variety of audiences including young global leaders, refugees and mental health professionals.

Here is a recent article by Stephanie:

You can read about A curious world here:

EMOTIONS + GUNS = VIOLENCE with Dajohn and Raekwon

EMOTIONS + GUNS = VIOLENCE with Dajohn and Raekwon

February 9, 2018

The rebels for peace are back in the studio - and this conversation is REAL. Dajohn and Reakwon share openly about their past, how it was growing up in Chicago, and the challenges that face the city they love so much. We asked them to hold nothing back, and got a great combination of the reality of the street and a hope for a new future.

Here are some of the thing you will hear about in the podcast.

You will hear how it was growing up Chicago, and how youth deal with that. 
How the taking guns off the street will NOT solve the problem of violence. 
What it takes to impact millions of people
How totally ending all types of violence might not be possible, but EVERYONE can do something to decrease it. 
Why looking at the MIND is the true gamechanger in changing communities 
How the Rebels are inspired to make the change that THEY want to do, without the agenda of schools, organizations or other adults. 
Hear them talk about a video-exchange the rebels had with incarcerated inmates in Portland that Anna Debenham(previous podcast) was leading - and what impacted them about learning from people who had seen first hand both going to prison, and finding a new path after prison. 

To check out a clip from the Rebels latest PEACEJAM check it out here:

A previous interview with Dajohn White

Behind the scenes clip of the Rebels.

People are not broken - with Anna Debenham

People are not broken - with Anna Debenham

February 7, 2018

This podcast we have Anna Debenham, founder of the Insight Alliance with us - and this conversation will totally inspire you and give you hope for humanity and peoples potential to change!

Anna works with the incarcerated or previously incarcerated to help them with their current situation and find a new better future. She does that in a new and sustainable way: By looking at the mind. In a very human, common sense way she helps facilitate  the unlocking of peoples minds and point towards the resilience within them. The result is they increase their wellbeing, mental health, and make different choices either while still in prison or when they get out. She explains that the only thing that truly can make somebody change is an internal shift - and that is what all her work is about. To check out more from what she is talking about, check out this video:

In this podcast you will hear stories about her own journey of doing this work, aswell as examples from her students in prison. This is the solution to truly rehabilitating and preventing, and looks for peoples mental health. 

About Insight Alliance 
The Insight Alliance uncovers the natural resilience and innate mental health all human beings already have inside them. It teaches a simple understanding of how our feelings, experience and state of mind works; an understanding that enables people to thrive in any circumstances.

Prospective outcomes of programs include a decrease in stress and depression; improved relationships, increased feelings of connection and trust, reduced levels of obsessive and judgmental thinking; increased desire to access education/jobs; a decrease in the probability of recidivism and/ or relapse and generally feeling more of their natural wellbeing.

About Anna Debenham:

My passion for nurturing health, wellbeing and resilience in myself and my clients reflects my own expanding grasp of the infinite possibilities of life that supports a peaceful and balanced state of mind.

The depth and breadth of my experience ranges from being part of a multi-disciplinary healing and support team for at-risk boys at the London organization, StreetWise Youth; establishing an outpatient program for a drug and alcohol recovery centre in Melbourne, Australia; to working as a coach and facilitator for Westminster council in London.

My career shifted when I came across this groundbreaking way of helping people understand the principles behind our state of mind. My experience working in a UK prison with Beyond Recovery ignited a love of helping those incarcerated and those transitioning to their freedom. Now I bring all my experience together as Director of The Insight Alliance.

The Insight Alliance is partnered with the YWCA as we expand to Coffee Creek woman’s prison and SCI in Salem. The programs continue to grow by word of mouth and by post-release individuals that stay connected to and work with the Alliance. The organic evolution of The Insight Alliance demonstrates the boundless potential and creative possibility of inspired people, and the wonderful power of fresh thought.


Creating the Impossible with Michael Neill

Creating the Impossible with Michael Neill

February 1, 2018

We are REALLY excited about this one!(I know, we always say that, but seriously, we are!!)

We have our dear friend and colleague Michael Neill as our guest and the theme for the interview is:
How do we make the invisible visible, and the impossible possible. It’s filled with insights and reflections about how the process of creating something happens(or as the tagline of Michaels book says: taking stuff out of your head and putting it into the world) and how something that seems impossible can switch into something do-able.

We experience this process all the time, and constantly learn to see beyond our imagined limitations and through the walls of what is «possible» for us personally, as One Solution, and as the world. The good news for us all, however, is what Michael shared in the conversation: «You don’t need special skills to go through an imaginary wall»

That means that we are literally a blink away from new opportunity. Because although we know that the mind creates imaginary LIMITS, we also have first hand experience in the magic, or dare we say miracles, that can happen when those limits evaporate.

Here are some highlights of what we talk about:
- How to create something when we don’t see how. (Hint: it turns out looking for HOW is not where «it’s at» when it comes to STARTING.)
- How do we move forward when we do see what  we want to do and how, but we’re still stuck even before we start.
- How progress looks WAY different than the way we think it will look.
- Maneuvering failure, plateaus, doubt, fear, obstacles.
- How global solutions is not going to come from doing MORE or working harder, it’s going to come from something NEW.
- And much much more!

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The link between Thongs and Global Change(Q&A-session)

The link between Thongs and Global Change(Q&A-session)

January 29, 2018

We looove Q&A. 

It let's us rethink what we think we know and even what humanity knows, and try to get closer to something valuable and true. If you ever wondered what the link between capitalism and thongs, this is the podcast for you. We dive into how much of the world really is just thoughts we have made up, and made real over time. And how the only way to have a new world is to dramitically RETHINK the world we have created. 

We live in an ocean of assumptions, stories, collective imagination and with all the moving parts of the world, it's hard to navigate what's real and what's not, what's helpful and not helpful, whats seems good for us NOW vs whats whats good for the planet for the next 500 years and beyond. And we live in the effect of our thinking wether we like it or not. 

These are some of the questions we use to fuel the discussion in this podcast  

1. How can you say there is ONE solution when there is so many complex problems?

2. Whats the link between the personal problems and global problems

3. How do we make people care about the world? It seems people just care about themselves and whats around them and have trouble looking at the big picture and whats best for the planet and the people of the world as a whole.

We really get into these questions and hopefully can point to something new for you as a listener. So grab a cup of tea, or put your headphones into your ears on the tube and enjoy!


The Mind and Climate Change With Lauren Xie

The Mind and Climate Change With Lauren Xie

December 19, 2017

In this episode you hear Mara interview Lauren Xie, who we met at our trip to Oxford to speak at the Emerge Conference. After the conference, Lauren approached us, and told us how important and relevant the mind was if we are trying to educate people about Climate Change. 

In other words:
- If we want people behaving in a sustainable way, making sustainable choices, it begins within the mind. 
- If we want to collaborate in creating those solutions, it begins within the mind. 
- If we want to decrease and in some cases eradicate excessive consumption and greed, it begins within the mind. 
- If we want people to go from thinking about themselves to thinking about the globe, it begins within the mind. 

If climate change was caused by humans, the level our collective thinking was the source. If we want to create new change, we need a new level of thinking. 

There is no other way. 

Global Problems: From symptom to solutions

Global Problems: From symptom to solutions

November 1, 2017

This podcast is a recording from a keynote Mara and Eirik did in a One Solution Conference in Cape Town in april of 2017. This talk will illuminate how the chronic global issues of our time are only understood and treated at the source: the human mind. Seeing and treating the source of our global issues is the only hope for creating a new world for future generations.

Any system in life is only understood and improved when human beings can see the fundamental source, or starting point of it. Consider the foundation of a building, or the human immune system as examples. Painting over cracks in the walls of a house with a faulty foundation is just going to lead to more work in the future, and eventually larger structural problems.

Similarly, continuing to put cortisone cream on a persistent rash is not going to treat the issue at the source. It will only provide temporary relief, but no real understanding of what is the underlying cause of inflammation, and therefore no understanding of how to cure it at the source.

Any time humans better understand the most fundamental source of an issue, then and only then is real and lasting progress made. The current state of the world is trapped in an ineffective cycle of dealing with the symptoms of socio-global issues, from war and conflict to inequality, poverty, and mental health issues without understanding and addressing them at the source.

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