One Solution Podcast

Interview: Overcoming addiction by realizing your mental health!

March 28, 2018

This is a the first interview we did with participants of the Farnum Center Program in Manchester NH. (To hear more about what this is about, listen to previous episode with Mara and Eirik) In this particular episode you hear from 4 of the clients who have gone through a period of learning about their own mind and their own innate resilience and health - and how that has helped them get sober and stay sober. We were so impressed by the wisdom these guys shared, and what they have learned and how they wanted to pay it forward and help other people struggling with Addiction. 

Hear them share both their personal stories, aswell as their hope for a better future for the world. We love how they shared that learning about their minds not only helps them with addiction but with a persons whole life. EVERYTHING gets better when we feel better. 


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