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The cure to addiction and all other coping mechanisms

March 15, 2018

In this podcast, we(Eirik and Mara) are fresh of the boat at a 3 day visit at the Farnum center in Manchester,NH. Here is what they do:

The Farnum Center help people realize their own inner health by coming to an understanding that every human being has a healthy internal core that is fully accessible to them. Everyone has inner resiliency and the ability to bounce back and overcome adversity when we gain perspective of what gets in the way.

Their clients learn about your innate capacity for health, insight, and contentment. You will also learn how accessing a healthier perspective about your life will help you leave your past behind.

We will guide you through your journey from the day you enter our program until you are ready to leave. Working as a team, you will reclaim your life from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and become a happier and more positive person.

Now, if that doesn't already convey how awesome this center is, we can vouch that it is! In this episode you will hear us dissect some of the insights we gained around addiction, and how that plays into all other "symptoms" we see in the world right now.

What we find especially hopeful about their approach to helping people with addiction is:
- They look for the health and wisdom in the person, not for what's wrong. 
- They teach them about how their mind creates their world, and therefore how they can go beyond the situation and circumstance around them. 
- They teach them how the mind works in such a way that they don't get put off by bad feelings, and therefore don't need to do the drugs or alcohol to help them deal with it. They are able to deal with it internally, by not being afraid of their experience. 

We feel like this nuggets are HUMAN nuggets, that any human can see more about, and will help everyone in the world. If we all just saw more of those points, we would live in a different world. 

We hope you enjoy this first introepisode from the two of us - and as we mention the next ones from Farnum Center will be from the staff and clients themselves!!

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