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The ultimate source of change - KEYNOTE from the evolve conference

November 24, 2018

We are very excited to present to you a keynote that was done earlier this year with Stephanie Fox. It was from the Evolve conference, and the title of the keynote was:

The ultimate source of societal, cultural, and environmental change: 
The human mind.

In this recording, Stephanie will talk about:
- How the mind creates everything from chairs to wars.
- How an animation is trying to show kids where their experience is coming from
- What is behind all the different systems we live in now, were they here before?
*Hint: No, humans made them up, and we can make something new up.
- What is at the crux of trying to create any kind of peace between people in conflict? (Using examples from her work from Middle East)

You can read more about the conference itself here:


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