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The Mind and the world Webinar

April 15, 2019

This is the audio recording of a webinar series about Accelerating Change.
In the first recording of of this 3-part series, we explored the topic The Human Mind and the World, which is what our first module of
Accelerating Change is all about.

You can get a sense of it by listening the recording of the webinar, or take a much deeper dive in the full online course, which has 7 separate video lessons that explore:

  • The mind is the source of the state of the world (not a symptom of it),
  • All humans construct their own unique version of reality
  • Beyond our differences, we are all one
  • Resilience is innate to all life, and
  • We can't escape the fact that we all have unique minds, but we can understand it.  Understanding the mind is the key to making change in the world.

    The link to the online course is:

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